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FAQ - what's make a livin'?

Q: What do you mean by “living wage”?

A: A living wage is the minimum income for each wage earner in a 2-income family of four. It’s the hourly wage that would allow a family to cover rent, groceries, child care, health and dental care, clothes, etc.; the basic necessities to live a decent, healthy life. We believe that work should lift people out of poverty, not keep them there.

Q: How can I help?

A: First, please consider signing our petition. The more support we can demonstrate to decision makers, elected officials and employers, the more likely we will be able to achieve a living wage.

Talk to your friends and co-workers about the concept of a living wage. The more you think about how much it actually costs an average family just to get by, the more a living wage just makes sense.

Q: Why is a labour union running this campaign?

A: The UFCW has a long history of speaking out on public policy issues. The majority of our members work at grocery stores like Safeway, Save-On and Extra Foods. The better business is for our employers, the more jobs are created for our members, and that’s good for the whole community. That’s why we’re working with business and other labour and community groups to increase awareness of why a living wage is so important to the future of our economy—and our communities.