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Esquimalt Takes a Step in the Right Direction for Living Wage Jobs!

August 23, 2010

We support a Living Wage bylaw for Esquimalt!

On August 16, the Esquimalt Council unanimously passed a motion to direct staff to prepare a report with more information on the benefits of a Living Wage Policy.

The Living Wage Calculation for the Capital Region is $17.31 per hour based on a family with two parents and two children. 

The motion was presented by Esquimalt Councilor Randall Garrison who said to the Victoria News, "The idea I had in introducing (the motion) was to set leadership in the community," adding any upfront costs brought on by the policy could be outweighed by long-term benefits.

Additionally, on Coun. Garrison’s website he states:

“A living wage policy will help ensure those who grow up in our community can afford to stay here when they get their first job.  Money paid out as a living wage will circulate directly back into the community in spending on basics largely in local businesses.  The reward for hard work should be a family sustaining wage, not a sentence to grinding poverty and debt.  A living wage policy is all about fairness for those who work.”

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For more information on the Affordability Index in the Capital Region, or the motion passed visit:

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